Before updating to xp sp3 Chatrandom pics xxx

BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THE WORK DESCRIBED BELOW MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A WORKING BACKUP OF YOUR SYSTEM !!!! The XP SP3 installation breaks off at about 60% completion, reports "Access Denied" and does a rollback.

This is Microsoft's answer to NAC, limiting network access to only "healthy" computers based on policies you define.Given those claims and Vista's reputation thus far, you'd think Vista SP1 would be a huge update. It's 435 MB for 32-bit Vista and a whopping 727 MB for 64-bit Vista -- the version I chose to run.I nearly ran out of local hard drive space just downloading the service pack. Vista SP1 includes some data protection improvements for Windows Backup and for when you are ejecting removable drives.This can take a long time, and there is no guarantee you will find the error either!------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is some info from Microsoft on this; Anyway, I found the following script for resetting registry and file permissions and it works!The simple truth here is that some program has changed the registry so that SP3 can not be installed under administrator rights!


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