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On March 4th, 2012, I was having trouble breathing. ' I asked the nurse who was monitoring my heart rate. 'If you are, I hope you stop destroying your life She then penned a piece for Glamour magazine and went on the Today show, telling host Savannah Guthrie that despite all appearances, she was snorting lines of cocaine alone 'six or seven times' a day while at Yale University. It was very much me by myself, in my apartment using drugs all day, from morning to night. I sort of felt isolated and alone and I thought I would never get out of there.'Christina, who is friends with troubled star Lindsay Lohan, who has also battled with drink and drugs, said she was opening up about her struggle in order to show people that drug addiction can hit anyone regardless of their social and economic background.'II have been really blessed, and that’s part of the reason I struggled coming forward.What I want to show is that addiction can strike, no matter what. You can have financial resources and you can still feel that pit of loneliness and emptiness and that desire to fill it with substances, so I just wanted to give a different face to the disease.'First trying the drug as a teen at boarding school, Christina told how she and her friends would spend on a gram, meeting the drug dealer at the mall in Los Angeles and then getting their house keepers to pick them up, adding: 'We didn’t even have our licenses, but there we were, doing coke at each other’s houses.''If Christina’s story can prevent one parent watching now from getting the call that I got, 'Mommy, I can't breathe,' and help one young or young man come out, reach out for help and know you can turn your life around, then it will have been worth it.'She then found it hard to breathe and ran barefoot into the streets of New Haven, Conn., and ended up in the emergency room.Online dating applications target a young demographic group.Whereas before, people had very little exposure to online dating, today almost 50% of people know of someone who use the services or has met their loved one through the service.Westernization has done wonders in our culture, ever since the beginning of time.Right from the changes done to the infrastructure of our country to the amendment in various laws, it has been interminable.

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It didn’t bother Loiselle that she’d be away from her friends and family for a while: She felt like she’d put her real life on hold, that she was blissfully free of all her responsibilities. She’d never dated online before, but an acquaintance convinced her to try a site called Plenty Of Fish.

In June 2011, the tall, bubbly 32-year-old drove her Jeep into the sleepy coastal town of Lewes.

She and her poodle, Aries, moved into a rustic apartment above a curiosity shop that once housed the town jail.

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