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BOPIS / • noun The trend to "Buy online, pick up in store," encouraged by big-box stores, like Walmart, hoping to blend virtual reality and actual reality.

AQUAPRENEUR / • noun One who peddles the libertarian fantasy of "seasteading"--"building freer societies upon unincorporated parts of the world's oceans." This is a fabulous idea ...Whether it’s hitting the gym or brushing up on 19th century French poetry, almost everyone is doing something to make themselves more attractive to that special someone — especially with Valentine's Day right around the corner.But as countless relationship experts say, in the end you’ve just got to be yourself.Last year at Riot Fest , The original (well as close as you can get) lineup for The Misfits reunited on stage for the first time in over 30 years. More punk rock that I can even handle is coming to Seattle next week! WAMU Theater is hosting Rancid and Dropkick Murphys . Even though it’s new, I don’t hide who I am at all.Such an iconic show, and I would have given anything to be there to see it happen. When I first saw this tour, my initial thought was wow, I haven't seen Rancid since around 2007. So one month in I thought it was a good idea to have the talk of who your celebrity ‘freebee’ would be.The site's communication manager, Shannon Smith, spoke to Brit & Co.


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