Sql updating table from same table

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I am trying to fix an issue for a customer which requires us to update a column in a table with the value in the column concatenated (

If the UPDATE statement just locks the rows that will be affected then maybe I can because rows affected will be different for each UPDATE. Thanks, Vivek It all depends on the lock escalation Imaging if you ad hundereds of current connections and the lock always ascended to table locks.wouldn't be a very good RDBMS, now would it.

I have to update a transaction table where mapping is existing with old account no and new account number.

etc I have a mapping table where "ALL" old account number and new account numbers are present.

I used to be an oracle wiz but am very rusty after 8 years of project managing, my developer is on leave and the fix he put in place doesn't work, so am trying to fix it myself: This sql runs but the result is all rows are updated and the comment_text is now blank.

If you update values in multiple columns, you use a comma (,) to separate each pair of column and value.


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