Tom meighan dating

However, in spite of it all, the Club Foot singer’s father remained cool about the incident – but had a few choice words for his son.

It’s a lot less poetic than our other albums and gets very much straight to the point, you know?

That concentrated focus seems to have paid off as For Crying Out Loud in my opinion is Kasabian’s most enjoyable listen to date.

Singer Tom Meighan tells me that the band are also extremely happy with the latest chapter in their ultra-cool career.

It pumps you up and is a great rock n roll record so yeah, Serge and I are really happy about it.” Serge is of course Sergio Pizzorno, the band’s main writer, co-vocalist and guitar player.

It was Serge’s idea to aim for the album’s super-fast turnaround, which Tom believes made For Crying out Loud blossom so easily.


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