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Smedes's Sex for Christians offers a frank yet compassionate discussion that is refreshingly open-minded and strongly biblical.Our sexuality is a central part of our identity as human creatures, and our standards for sexual behavior shape all of our human relationships, beginning at the family.Sme This comprehensive treatment of Christian sexual ethics, written by a wise and compassionate professor at Fuller Theological Seminary (one of the world's leading evangelical seminaries), is, IMO, an enormously valuable and significant book, a treatment of one of the most serious topics that every human being has to deal with.The first, "Sex and Christian People," overviews human sexuality -- its created goodness, its sinful dist Now considered a classic statement on sex and sexuality from a Christian perspective, Lewis B.And with the hindsight of two decades since Sex for Christians first came out, Smedes presents an even stronger statement of his two sources of authority: the Bible's moral standards regarding sex, and the authority of reality as we discern it.i'm a very very sexual person, and love to hear from you" Telma (Age 28) Shawnee, KS About TELMA :"I am a sexually liberated woman.


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