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Clarification of how the proposed ichnofabric and discrete traces interrelate, perhaps via study of petrographic thin sections, would be invaluable.The Southern region of Africa is known for its rich and detailed collection of rock art left by ancient hunters and gathers, but as much as these creations are well-understood, their exact dates are not.Grain size and mineralogical data, which may allow assessment of the inference that the light-dark color banding relates to sediment sorting in burrows, is lacking.The presence of irregularly distributed bridges between the inferred meniscae (Rogov et al., 2012, their figures 2B and DR2) is inconsistent with a meniscate mode of formation; such bridges are not seen in authenticated Phanerozoic meniscate burrows.

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This pattern fits with a model of the slow development of rice exploitation from wild foraging to agriculture involving full cultivation.By collecting samples of paint, researchers were able to identify the types of carbons in the pigments and ultimately date them as more than 5,000 years old – deeming the drawings the ‘earliest directly dated’ paintings in the region.The team used a technique known as accelerator mass spectrometry radiocarbon dating, which is similar to traditional radiocarbon data, but analyzes smaller fragments instead of the complete artifact.Sediment fabrics across the Proterozoic–Cambrian transition are well studied, with ichnofabrics showing the sediment-sorting behavior that results in meniscate backfill otherwise first recorded in Tommotian age strata.The absence of such ichnofabrics in intermediate strata worldwide makes the authors’ inferences difficult to reconcile, and necessitates careful verification.Delta Airlines' new i Pad app has a cool feature that will help pass the time on long flights: A "glass bottom jet" setting that lets you see exactly where you're flying and how fast.


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