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Often, business folks need more technical help, or technical people need more business help.

Either way, co-founded startups are shown to be more successful than those with a solo founder. Slack is an online collaboration tool that makes it easy for individuals to ask questions and share updates within a specific community or “channel.” The Venture Hall Slack channel will be the fastest and easiest way to stay up to date on startup news and advice, and to connect with other innovators in the region.

On arrival, we'll give you a list of potential matches, and facilitate some light (introvert-friendly) networking activities to make sure you get a chance to meet the right person.

We're all about building this community and helping each other out - so of course there will be drinks, nibbles, door prizes, and plenty of time to chat to your new mates over the course of the evening. At The Hacker Exchange, we are so passionate about helping Aussie founders build their startups that we want to support every co-founding team formed on the night.

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Leading up to the event, you'll receive info about the people who have registered, so you can pre-plan who you'd like to meet.

FOUNDERS: You have the business idea and passion, and need someone to help you build the tech, go to market or scale.

Tell us a bit about your business, style and what kind of person you're looking for, and we'll feature you and your concept on our website and throughout the evening.

This is the most obvious way to meet a startup cofounder.

Depending on your geographic area, there should be at least a handful of business, technology, or startup-related events going on every month.


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