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There is one isotopic method that can push it out to 75, years, but it isn't frequently used. Yes, one should always read things with a critical mind. It is true that carbon dating is not always useful or accurate, because the idea of dating requires some conditions to be satisfied, the most important of which is that the system must be closed since formation no gain or loss of carbon from the samplesince this is the one condition that is the least likely to be satisfied.Nevertheless, notwithstanding the opinion of your reference, carbon dating is frequently quite valid, as has been demonstrated by comparison with the results of other dating methods for the same samples. Inaccuracy of Carbon what is the effective range of radiocarbon dating in the future?

It is only the non-scientific community that, in ignorance, seems to fail to grasp the concept of the method; its utility and limitations. Christians who think the world is 6, years old, listen?

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After a lengthy peer review process, his findings that the carbon dating was wholly invalid were published in the scientific journal Rogers' published work showing that the carbon dating is invalid has been confirmed by John L Brown, a forensic materials specialist at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia and by Robert Villarreal and a team of nine scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

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