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“Financial services have remained largely untouched by the digital revolution,” says Mr. “Bitcoin represents a real opportunity for changing that.

Money at its core is simply a ledger for keeping track of debts and Bitcoin is truly the best iteration of a universal ledger we’ve ever seen.

Then, I had to take kid one to school and came home again, a little mellowed out.

The Narc apologized (hah) and I got to doing some research. Turns out, I really am the perfect narcissistic supply.

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Bitcoin is one of the best examples of how a decentralized, peer-to-peer organization can solve problems that these dated organizations cannot.

Like the Internet, Bitcoin is not owned or controlled by any one entity, so it presents incredible opportunities for new levels of efficiency and transparency in financial transactions.” John Reed was formerly the Chairman & CEO of Citibank, and was responsible for growing Citibank into the world’s first truly global financial franchise. Reed’s leadership Citibank developed the modern ATM and helped redefine the modern retail banking experience.

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